Memories of the Olympic & Paralympic Games

It’s kind of sad to say that this is my last post, but during these nearly 30 days, we did have lots of memories. Honestly, though the Olympic Games were so exciting and commanded the attention of world, the Paralympic Games made a more indelible impression on me.

We had an opportunity to watch the Alpine Skiing and Wheelchair Curling in person last week. It was great fun and changed my mind.

Usually people pay more attention to the Olympic Games than the Paralympics, though we do know that the athletes participating in both of them are hardworking and have great persistence.

I can remember that during the Alpine Skiing, people were all cheering their favourites on. Athletes were guided by another person who gave them instructions with words. But once we were required to be quiet a little bit, because the athletes who was having the game is not only visually impaired but also has difficulty in hearing. Before I went to watch the Paralympic events, I felt it was a pity that I couldn’t get a chance to watch Olympic Games in person. But after watching the Paralympic Games, I started to feel sad and regret. It was really a sorrow to see those paralympians fall down and some of them even couldn’t stand up by themselves.

Vancouver has bid farewell to the tenth Winter Paralympics yesterday night. People have started to look forward to the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Thanks Canada, thanks Vancouver and Whistler, thanks all the athletes, thanks for giving us the best ever Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.


BTW I’m gonna share some photos and video I took during the Wheelchair Curling games with you guys. Hope you like them..


Alpine Skiing In Whistler

Most of the international students in hamber had a field trip to Whistler today. We watched the Men’s and Women’s Giant Slalom-Sitting/Visually impaired. Because of the foggy, rainy, and freezing weather, we almost got wet through, but  athletes all did a good job.

Here are the videos and photos that I took in Whistler.

hope you guys like them!

my favourite paralympic sport..

The Paralympic Games will soon be celebrated in BC between March 12 to March 21, 2010 and it will be the second time for Canada to host the Paralympic Games, following the 1976 Summer Paralympic Games in Toronto.

There will be five sports in the X Paralympic Games, which are Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Wheelchair Curling, Cross-country skiing and Sledge Hockey.

Among all these exciting events, my favourite one is sledge hockey. Last time in Turin, Team Canada got the Gold Medal. I found a video about that on Youtube. Let’s have a look! =]


BTW.. Here’s the calendar for the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games which I got from Wikipedia. Hope you all enjoy the games!

Memories of the Games..

I can’t really believe that The 2010 Winter Games have already been over, but the memories of the Games are still drifting into my mind. As what people say, having the opportunity to cover the Olympic Games in our own country doesn’t happy too often — never mind our home city.

Over the course of 17 days, the Vancouver Winter Games not only captivated the hearts of spectators and visitors, but it also showed us the support and encouragement the families gave to the athletes.

I have been witnessing the pride and joy of the families of the Canadian athletes, watching them compete against the best athletes in the world, after years of emotional and monetary sacrifices by family members. I can see how proud the family members were when they were watching their loved ones compete. They were cheering them on, willing them to win. Even though they might not get a medal, their families were still feeling proud. They were smiling and applauding because they know that their loved was the best.

I know that many factors influence an athlete’s performance during competition, but one stands above the others – family support. I read an article on the newspaper, it says “Mellissa Hollingsworth’s father held her hand the night her dreams of Olympic gold were shattered, just as he waited alone at the airport on the day she didn’t make the cut for the 2002 Canadian winter Olympic team. Whether the families are waving flags, as skeleton racer Jon Montgomery’s parents did when he won gold, or offering hushed words of encouragement in the shadow of disappointment, parents of athletes play a critical, often unheralded role in the competition.” ( I suddenly realized that the Olympics, is not only showing us the spirits of the athletes, but also letting us know how important families are to our athletes. Getting their dreams come true on the Olympics or Paralympics stages must be the most memorable moment in the athletes’ life, and there’s not a better way for them to celebrate this success than with their families cheering them on live from the sidelines.

Win or lose, athletes’ families will always be there..

Win or lose, athletes are always their pride..


Guys.. I’m here again.. = =

Today is DAY 10 and we had several games in curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey and so on.

So, what happened today?

Let’s have a look on the good news first..

Our excellent skater, Kristina Groves, took silver for Canada in the 1500m long track race, when Canada’s speed skating team needed a dose of reassurance. Though Kristina said that was so difficult, so gruelling, that you “can taste blood in your lungs”, she finally made it. This was her second medal of these Winter Olympic Games.

Also, Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir got to the first place after flawless original dance in Ice Dance event. Virtue’s voluminous red skirt flew like a cape as they lived and breathed the flamenco. They delivered their finest moment and earned a personal-best score of 68.41 points, putting them in first place in the original dance and first place overall with 111.15 points. I really enjoyed their perfect performance and I’m pretty looking forward their free dance tomorrow. I hope that they can bring us another gold medal. Good luck!

However, to our disappointment, U.S. men’s hockey team claimed first win over Canada in 50 years at Winter Olympics today. Lots of Canadians screamed out their love of hockey into a passionate roar and created an ocean of red and flag-waving support for Canada’s long-awaited Olympic showdown with the United States. But they got frustrated at the result. It’s so depressing but we still have a chance. GO CANADA!

And in the curling event, after five straight wins to open the Olympics, Cheryl Bernard’s rink finally suffered its first loss, a  6-5 extra end decision to the reigning world champions from China. With the loss, Canada dropped back into a first-place tie with Sweden at 5-1 while China moved closer to the leaders at 5-2.

Tomorrow is the 11th day of the Olympic and we have several event which deserve our attention, such as ice dance, curling, freestyle skiing and so on.



PS: Doris is gonna share some photos with us tomorrow. please check it out if you are interested. =]


Well.. It seems that Ted had already mentioned this yesterday.. but since Jon Montgomery’s such a proud of Canada.. I’m gonna talk about this a little bit more.. LOL

Jon Montgomery got his gold medal today and that was the 4th gold for Canada.

Jon pipped Latvian Martins Dukurs for gold yesterday in the men’s Olympic skeleton.. He successfully made his Olympic debut at 30 years old and took the chance to earn a medal in his home country.. =D

At the evening medals ceremony.. Montgomery did his now-trademark standing leap onto the podium, then belted out “O Canada” .. Hundreds of Canadians flags waved, and the crowd roared in appreciation.. That was so suprising..

In addition, tonight in the men’s short track 1,000 metres race, brothers Charles and Francois Hamelin finished fourth and fifth. They didn’t got a medal but they are always the proud of the country.. Lee Jung-Su of South Korea won in an Olympic-record time of 1 minute 23.747 seconds, adding to the 1,500 gold he won a week ago.. His teammate Lee Ho-Suk was second and American Apolo Anton Ohno was third..

On the women’s side.. Zhou Yang from China easily won the gold medal and set an Olympic record in women’s 1,500-meter short track speed skating, well ahead of Lee Eun-byul and Park Seung-hi of South Korea, who earned the silver and the bronze. =]

Thus Korean short track skaters have got 4 medals tonight and Chinese has got their second gold in women’s short track. xD


I’m so much looking forward to the Ice Hockey game tomorrow at 4:40 p.m. between Canada and America.. They may be NHL teammates during the regular season, sharing plane rides and going to group dinners, but when it comes to the Olympic Games, there’s absolutely no love lost between these two rivals.




Hey guys.. I’m back.. =]

Today is February 11.. which means.. only 1 day left..!!! wow I’m so excited about that..

The Olympic torch relay entered the city yesterday and,  today, it went through Vancouver. At about 15:15, it passed Eric Hamber Secondary School. Lots of students were there, cheering and running with the flame. Here are some pictures me and my friends took right before the torch bearer came.

And then, the torch relay went to Cambie st. and Langara and then went all the way along 49th Avenue. It’s so lucky that my homestay is just at Oak 49, so I got a video of the bearer and the excited crowd of people.

The torch relay was so awesome and I’m now pretty looking forward to the Opening ceremony tomorrow..(Oh no.. it’s today.. TT^TT it’s so slow to upload those two videos..) I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be a fantastic one!!

Let’s say Welcome to all the athletes and visitors from other countries!